Countertop Refinishing

Don't replace your countertop, refinish it!

Countertop Refinishing is much the same as bathtub refinishing and tile refinishing. It will allow you to update your existing surface using the same spray-on process as bathtub refinishing and tile refinishing. You can make your existing kitchen countertop or vanity look and feel like brand new again and at a fraction of the cost of replacement.

There is also a Faux Stone Finish process which is a way of giving your countertop or vanity a stone looking finish without the stone cost. This process forms a tough, durable finish that provides superior protection for many years against impacts and abrasions that can shorten the life span of traditional laminate surfaces and it is highly resistant to acids and stains.

Countertop Refinishing generally takes between four to five hours. The surface is ready for use in 24 hours. Don’t replace your countertops, save thousands and have them refinished!

The beauty of stone without the stone price!

Individual colors rarely occur in nature. Most natural colors are complex and contain multiple colors and tonal values. It is this inherent complexity that enhances the aesthetic appeal of natural materials like stone, wood and leather. Like the colors in nature, Faux Stone Finishes are dimensional and contain individual flecks of different colors, subtly blended to create the illusion of depth and texture of natural stone. Faux Stone Finishes are easily applied using the same spray-on process as in bathtub refinishing and ceramic tile refinishing.

Evoking the richness and diversity of natural materials, a Faux Stone Finish works harmoniously and unobtrusively with other colors and materials. A Faux Stone Finish is attractive and functional. Use this tough, long wearing protective finish on ceramic tile walls and countertops.

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